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How to design your website for mobiles

Thumb Friendly Navigation

This is one of the most important differences from a desktop to mobile website. You want your visitors to be able to browse with one hand, or even one finger. For example, if you have to zoom into your site to see better, it is likely that your content is too small.

Keep It Short

Some people get so excited about their content they end up creating a mobile version that is long and confusing. Think of mobile as the medium for an editor. You should say a lot with as few words as possible. Because a smartphone screen is smaller, users are looking for more dynamic content and less text. Feel free to make some cuts for mobile that you’ll keep for the desk.

Become a Minimalist

Create a simple and clean design. You only have a few seconds to convey who you are as a brand and you don’t want to distract anyone with wild colors and too many moving image galleries. More than that, a design overload will not only hinder the site’s ability to load quickly, it will also distract your visitors from the actionable information they need when on the go.

Use Optimized Images For Mobile Devices

The mobile Web is significantly slower. Also consider that mobile devices operating under a 3G network are still delayed in download speeds and many users still pay for bandwidth. Taking all this into account, it is crucial to resize, crop and optimize images to better meet the specific resolution of the device.

Keep Your Contact Info In Plain Sight

Many people access mobile websites to verify the address, phone number, or even opening hours of a business. This information must be clearly presented on your website to decrease the chance of a viewer giving up connecting to your business and using your services.

Run a Test

Always remember to test your mobile site on different devices and operating systems so you can understand and improve the user experience for your visitors. No excuses – test your site on all the different devices. If you don’t happen to own every type of phone or tablet, ask your friends (with a different device of course) for an easy favor. Practice makes perfect.

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