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New Business? How To Get Your First Marketing Materials On A Budget

Working as your own boss has lots of advantages – controlling your schedule, following your own vision, choosing where to work from and plenty more. No wonder so many professionals in various industries are making the move towards becoming freelancers.

Yet with great power come great responsibility. Making it as a freelancer requires active marketing and a powerful online portfolio. Not to mention, marketing and branding resources do not grow on trees. As a freelancer, you have the challenge of establishing your business as a serious and professional venture while doing your best to minimize expenses.

Get a Fancy Logo

Your logo is the anchor of your brand. It should portray the essence of who what you are in one simple visual. Your logo will appear on almost every material in your marketing kit, so you need to make sure it looks great in different sizes and on on different media distribution channels.

You can get a great logo for your small business for very reasonable prices and even for free. Start by checking out these services:

Free logo design platforms


Logo Garden


Affordable professional logo design services




Set Up a Free Online Portfolio

One of the most important marketing tools you will have is an online portfolio that portrays your strengths, your skills and examples of previous work you’ve completed.

Print Business Cards

Some people would argue that business cards are becoming obsolete. While they are definitely not as powerful as they used to be, business cards are still very useful when you meet new people. It’s up to you to make sure that you actually get out and about and that you introduce yourself personally to potential clients and partners. If you attend workshops, meetups, conferences and other networking events, you will see how relevant business cards still are.

The good thing is that designing and printing cards can be really affordable. Here’s a list of companies that make excellent cards for great prices:


Vista Print

U Printing

Have Your CV File Ready

Your online portfolio certainly should have a web version of your CV on it, but it’s very important to keep a PDF file version of your CV and update it frequently. If you want your CV to leave a powerful impression, we recommended that you add a customized design and make it more interesting. It shouldn’t be very stylish or pompous. Keep it minimal, subtle and elegant.

The following sites provide CV design services for free or for an affordable price:

Visual CV

Kick Resume

There’s even an app for that!

Make the Most Out Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still a largely free social network for professional networking. It’s like a smart online business card that also lets you interact with potential clients or partners. Getting on LinkedIn is no big deal, but using it wisely to promote your business requires some thinking and planning. For instance:

  • In your personal description, be compelling and concise. Try to say more with less and describe your professional vision in a clear and enticing manner.

  • Make sure you connect with people who can vouch for you and your work, and get them to write recommendations for you.

  • When you connect with new people, use a friendly professional tone. Avoid aggressive marketing talk, just be genuine.

  • It’s not enough to just create a profile. You should keep it active with new posts, photos, and update your skills and work experience when needed.

  • Engage with other LinkedIn users by joining Groups, commenting on content, endorsing and recommending your contacts and sharing posts.

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