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Best Pieces of Advice You’ve Never Heard for Starting An eCommerce Store

Running an eCommerce store? More than designing just any website, your ecommerce site is an online arena with very important considerations to keep in mind. When your business’s main goal is to bring in sales, then there are a whole set of rules that you’ll want to abide by to reel in those deals, in a calm, collective and cool manner.

Ready to rock the online shopping game? Here’s your ultimate guide to designing an ecommerce shop that will make browsing and buying your products a joy!

The Golden Rule for Running an Ecommerce Store

Ready to design your ecommerce shop? Before you can start placing your first product on your site editor’s grid, the one thing you always want to keep in mind is this: you want your shop to mimic the experience of shopping at a real store as much as possible!

Online Shopping can be scary for many people. Put yourself in your shopper’s shoes. While you may do everything from buying your groceries to your evening wear online, there are still plenty of people who are weary of the digital shopping experience, so you’ll want to do all that you can to make your shoppers feel comfortable! From clear pictures of your products to detailed descriptions of every item, you want your online shoppers to feel like they can reach out and touch your inventory through their screen. We’ll give you some great tips on how to do that as we progress.

Home Sweet Homepage

Let’s start from the beginning – the first introduction that people have of your online shop is probably your homepage. Just like a cool window display can set a stylish tone for a physical shop, your homepage is your gateway to earning your eCommerce’s cool factor.

Hot Homepage Tips:

  • Use a slider gallery to showcase your hottest items or sale features

  • Include ‘loss-leaders’ like easy to snatch up accessories, or hot-sellers in your homepage gallery to encourage people to buy easy to nab items right off the bat

Make Navigating a No-brainer

Hot tip: if your site’s annoying to browse through, people will have a hard time finding the product of their dreams. Here’s how to make shopping a little easier on your potential buyers:

  • Organize your menus in a clever and methodical way – like by product type, brand, color, etc. This will help shoppers find & buy what they need most

  • Include your shop’s logo in your header – and link that logo back to your homepage

  • Include a search bar in your site for extra easy navigating

Show Off Those Goods!

When it comes to showing off your products online, image really is everything! Remember the golden rule we mentioned above? More than anywhere on your site, your products need to go the extra mile to mimic their real life look and feel. Here’s how to do that:

  • Invest in good images! If the pictures of your items don’t look appealing, why would anyone risk bringing home a shotty looking product? Think your product images could use a touch up? Check out these 25 amazing product photography tutorials

  • Organize your items in an easy to navigate grid

  • Provide multiple views of your products by adding different angle perspectives of your item

  • Give your shoppers a close-up look of your goods by using the zoom-in to your advantage

  • Details Details Details. There is no such thing as too much information listed about your product. Because your customer can’t be there to pick up and feel your product, the more information you include about each item, the more your shopper will feel like they’re holding it between their fingertips. Some things you’ll want to include in your product descriptions are: the material your item is made of, sizing, dimensions of the product and washing instructions

  • If you’re showing off a model wearing your goods – you might want to include his/her dimensions too to give your customers an idea of how the product looks on certain body types

Create a Calming Check-Out Page

The shopping cart of any online shop is where sales are made or broken. It’s where customers put their money where their mouse-click is, so you want to do all in your power to solidify that sale.

  • As a rule, your check-out page should be clear, clean and professional looking. Even if the rest of your site screams nothing but fun, your check-out should have a more toned down and professional look and feel. You can achieve this look by using a light, bright and clean background and font

  • Keep it Clear: Make sure to include all of the important information such as shipping rules, as well as your return & exchange policy so that clients won’t feel mislead

  • Ensure that your site looks safe to shop from by add an SSL icon to your page.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a clear, easy and generous exchange policy. Offering free returns and exchanges can alleviate a lot of that online shopping stress and make the purchase process feel risk-free

Make Content Cool

Make customers feel comfortable shopping through your store by writing content in your audience’s tone of voice. Here’s what else you can do to make your shop a standout with your content:

  • Make it painfully clear that when it comes to your online shop, you’ve got nothing to hide. Important information like your exchange/return policy & FAQs should be prominently listed on your site

  • Help ease your client’s mind by writing a well thought out FAQ page. Organize your page effectively with the FAQ page

  • Creating cool content doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think. Include a social media feed on your page to ensure a steady stream of fresh content. TheTint app is a perfect solution to add a social feed to your site

  • Don’t think your social feed is impressive enough for your website? Try hosting a contest or offering a discount for customers who upload a picture of them using your itemselves onto your social media channels. You can even ask them to use a dedicated hashtag for a cool way to track submissions

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