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5 Creative Ways To Use Your Site’s Footer

The footer may feel like a forgotten space on your website but in fact, it is crucial real estate. Don’t take this area for granted! A footer appears on every page and typically includes contact information or even a contact form, a map to your offline location, or a table of contents that serves as an online map for your site. All of these elements are very important but you don’t need to limit yourself to just the basics. The fun of creating a drag and drop website is that you can be as inventive as you’d like.

We thought of a few funky ways to use a footer that gives your visitors the 411 and makes your site stand out.

Social Icons

You don’t need to hide your social icons on an’ About Us’ page. Odds are, if people are fans of your business, they’ll want to check out what you’ve been up to on your Facebook and Twitter pages! Give the people what they want and add these icons to your footer. Social icons are best placed next to your other contact information and will make a world of difference to your growing fanbase.

Small Social Feed

Speaking of your social pages… If you’re rocking your social channels, let your viewers know by adding a social feed to the body of your website. Incorporating a social feed onto your website gives you three things; real time testimonials, potential for growing your followers, and showing that you’re up to date on social media. *We only recommend this if you are routinely monitoring social channels and feel confident that they represent you positively, which we encourage.

Something that’s “So You”

Take some liberties! Why not include smart and/or funny text that really shows your personality and unique brand on the bottom of all of your pages. Perhaps it’s a fun motto your biz lives by, or an inspirational quotes that encompasses who you are. This sort of text should be tasteful of course, and when done well can really give your website a personal touch that people can connect to.

Pretty Pretty Picture

Your logo is crucial and we don’t want you to forget it, but this doesn’t need to be the only image you use consistently in your marketing material. Adding another image that tells the story of who you are or how you came to be will set you apart. Perhaps an animation, a before and after picture, a photo of the people that makes up your family business, or any other personal picture touch. Like the ever-changing content on your website, the image your choose isn’t set in stone; change is good so consider having a fun featured image in your footer and switching it up every so often. This could be a new product, an event poster or other current events types of pictures that will draw positive attention.

The Virtual Phonebook

Including a link to local directories or sites with testimonials is always great for business – assuming you can stand behind your ratings. It also shows a level or transparency which is very positive for potential clients. You can include Yelp, Trip Advisor or whatever your relevant online directory is. This may also increase your SEO, which ain’t a half bad reason to include it.

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