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How To Write Addictive Newsletters That Trigger Conversion

Every business, big or small, can benefit from a compelling newsletter. This marketing tool will grow your brand, increase followers loyalty, give you a direct opportunity to communicate news and product offers and show clients (or potential clients) what you’re all about. Never created one before? Here’s what you need to become someone’s inbox regular:

Headers & Value

Let’s start where every good story does, at the beginning. Your header needs to be strong and grab users’ attention. Just like they teach you when writing a term paper, you need to clearly outline the body of your newsletter right from the start. In the marketing world we call this “value proposition”, meaning the statement shows exactly what value a user will get from reading on and/or using your product.

Hey Hey CTA

Next is your Call To Action. This is where you include the “what to do next” section. You can take creative liberties and be playful with language as long as you don’t stray from the point. When editing your newsletter, make sure to give special attention to the CTA and ask yourself – do I know what to do? do I want to do it? If you answer “yes”, you’re in good shape.


Good things come in small packages. Keep your text short and simple. As we know, especially in a world dominated by video and social media, attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter. Many readers are skimming (you may not even be reading this right now :) ). Paragraph three is the most common place for a reader to drop off. To prevent this, don’t overwhelm them by being long-worded. No matter how exciting the content feels for you, the delete button is your BFF.


Again…Clear. Clear. CLEAR. We are all overwhelmed with content, data and information every moment of every day. Make sure that your text is written as if you were addressing someone who has never heard of you or what you do before. If a 10 year old won’t understand, your reader will have stopped reading long ago.

Stay Stunning

Beauty isn’t only for the pageants. You never want to overlook creating something stunning. Make sure to invest your time in an eye catching image to capture a reader’s attention. This is a guarantee to keep them engaged longer.

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