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Not investing in Facebook Ads? Big mistake.

Number 1, people think that Facebook isn’t for selling. Wrong! Your customers are people, and a lot of people are on Facebook, which means that your customers are very likely on Facebook. You just need the right strategy to make it work.

Number 2, people think that Facebook is only for B2C, and not for B2B. Wrong! People run businesses, and those same people are on Facebook. We run a lot of B2B campaigns on Facebook with a lot of success.

Number 3, it’s a lot harder than Adwords. With Adwords, you just need to post up an ad and when someone is looking for what you sell, you convert them. With Facebook you need a much more sophisticated strategy to make it profitable.

Number 4, you need content. And not just good content. Or great content. You need exceptional content. Content that is so good that people say ‘wow, that was awesome’. And then you need to leverage that content the right way.

Number 5, you need email marketing. Without email marketing you’ll never achieve the ROI that you could with email.

And the most important thing… the one thing that nearly everyone misses… you need to have a strategy that doesn’t just include Facebook on its own… because Facebook should be just one part of a multi-channel online marketing strategy.

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