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First step to a new website

A huge part of any business’s success is a strong online presence. Yet, the process of creating your own website from scratch seems quite daunting. Even though you, as a small business owner, have already endured many new beginnings in your exciting (yet often rocky) journey to bringing your vision to life, you still are looking for guidance to ease this process. Much like building up your brand, when it comes to designing your website there are a couple of crucial elements you simply can’t overlook. In order for the road ahead (and by road, we mean creating your very own website) to be a smooth ride, we’ve narrowed down a step-by-step guide to learn how to build a website from scratch: There are a few vital, initial steps for steering your website in the right direction from creation. Start with clearly defining its goal in order to display your business effectively. Is it solely for branding purposes? Is it a platform for selling your products or advertising your services? Is it for collecting email subscriptions? Then, make sure your site is compliant with your brand’s identity as it’s important that your website will complement every other aspect of your business – both online (social media, blog, etc.) and offline (business card, presentation docs, etc.). You should brainstorm initially as the smallest details can impact your site, from the number of pages in your menu to the localization (and even color) of your buttons.

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