Albany Websites is a web site building and graphic design business run by Kim Johnson and Jo Sharp.

We are online business people, with a decade of experience building and operating websites and web based businesses.



In this time we have learnt how to build our own websites, market products on facebook and google ads, tried various website building programs, and created, published and sold digital content and physical product online.




Our online experiences have shown us that it is vital in the day-to-day operation of a small business, for business operators to have a flexible, up to date website that is easy to use. 


We are now helping others to enter the world of online commerce, with their own websites and webstores. 

We can build a website, or webstore for you, using our experience and designer skills to deliver a finished website.  


We take your business website seriously, and aim to deliver  a site that will give you online visibility, clear and accurate messaging, and a well thought through design, to lead your customers to take the actions you desire. You will be left smiling, while we do the work to deliver your new business website on time for your business requirements.