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Easy websites built for you, no secret code, 

We provide a range of options to build a website for your business.

Once you have called us and decided on having us build your website, and chosen and purchased the best level for your needs, we then book a meeting to begin the process. 


You will need a logo, descriptive text about your business, and who you are, as well as a hero image for your banner and any other high quality images to show your products or service. If you are unable to supply content we can work with you to do so, or recommend graphic designers and copywriters to assist. You can will also need to be signed up to any accounts in advance such as Youtube, Vimeo, Paypal or any others which are discussed in our initial meeting. If you intend using your own custom URL that should be made ready. If you have a Facebook page which needs to be linked to the site that should also be ready.


From our marketing and business perspective we understand how important it is to explain your message to your market at a glance, with calls to action leading to conversions to sales. This why we add from a library of applications to provide extra features to your website according to your business needs. We can choose from the hundreds on offer. 






3 easy steps to building your website

1, In an initial introductory discussion we will establish your requirements. This can be done face to face in a meeting, or by phone. In this discussion we will take you through a planning excercise and agree on a template for your website. We will also show you how to prepare content and images to build your site. You will need to have done this to before we begin building your site. In the higher level packages we will do this for you.


2. In further sessions we will build your site and add applications to suit your business needs, and bring your site alive! The amount of time we spend doing this depends on the option you have purchased and the amount of pages and products which will need to be loaded.. You can review our progress online by logging into your website pages in the website building program. We will meet agreed milestones which will be detailed at the time of purchase.


3. At a follow up session, after you have reviewed the website, we will review the website together. This will include a brief training session suited to your needs, including how to access online support.

We can have this meeting at our office or by arrangement at yours. You also will receive a printed manual as a reference.

relax we can help.....


If you have a further need for assistance, we can provide consultancy on an hourly basis. We can provide ongoing website maintenance, and upgrades, and also further training as you require. We can do this in modules of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour/@ $99 an hour.


We can also custom build your website to your specifications. 

The build is done in stages, on an hourly basis (@$99/hour).

This is submitted as a quote initially to you based on your requirements. 

Thereafter agreed milestones are met with progress payments.


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