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our easy 8 hour training course


In our training, we will guide you, with an easy to use platform, to build a smart website. We will show you how to add special features, and advanced functionality, to create interaction with your customers, and create sales. You will use an advanced, drag and drop webstore builder, and a library of applications, to bring your website alive.

We will explain how to:

Use a drag and drop web builder
Use templates to design your homepage, website or webstore,
Add a blog or connect to social media,
Add multi media and slideshows,

Optimise your site for smartphones
Use a library of applications to suit your business, develop & manage pages, create custom sites and much more. 
Learn how to use your support team, and access tutorial videos and blogs, so that you can continue to manage, and develop your own site, without the ongoing need for expensive consultants or complex programs such as wordpress or html coding.











take the fast track to to build your own website


In a one hour introductory discussion we will establish your requirements.

We will also show you how to prepare content and images to build your site.

You will need to have done this to begin building your site.


In a further two - 3 hour sessions we will guide you through the best programs and applications and bring your site alive!

You can do this all in one day or by arrangement, schedule the training to suit.


A 1 hour follow up session will ensure your successful online future.


You also will receive a printed manual and workbook, to help you through each step of the training, and as a reference.

your own website a worthwhile $990 of value!

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